Good Clean Fun - Michael Arditti

These twelve original stories explore oblique and unexpected facets of contemporary life. The title story features a comedian whose act doesn't go quite the way he planned. In ‘The Pillar of Strength’, a woman discovers that her husband of thirty-nine years is gay when he is arrested by the police. In ‘The Fig-leaf’, a man who has sympathised with women’s sexual vulnerability discovers for himself the truth behind date-rape. ‘Contentment’ gives a new slant on the choices people make in their sexual lives. And a ‘marriage of convenience’ – between a gay man who wants to please his parents and a lesbian whose visa is about to run out – takes a highly unexpected turn. These stories employ a spectrum of different voices to explore all aspects of experience – friendship, family, misunderstandings, frustrations, griefs and joys. They will appeal not only to the author’s loyal readers, but also to a broad new readership for their assured style, humour, compassion and insight.

'Michael Arditti's Good Clean Fun will not disappoint admirers of his novels. The diverse, urbane stories here are good, some of them are fun, and others are far from clean, depicting frightening excursions into dangerous territory. Whether delivering a witty one-liner, exposing the loneliness in a relationship, writing tenderly or with bleak honesty, or, terrifyingly, conjuring up secret desire manifest in brutal human form, Arditti brings to the smaller canvas all the insights, layers of meaning and breadth of vision which distinguish his longer prose. - Shena Mackay

'Witheringly funny, painfully acute... they simply and elegantly break your heart. - Literary Review

'A simply outstanding collection... Elegant, tender, full of wit and insight.' - City Life, Manchester

'By turns humorous, moving and profound, Arditti has the ability to paint vivid and engaging pictures.' - Emmanuel Cooper, Tribune

'Funny, beautiful and chilling.' - Murrough O'Brien, Independent on Sunday

About the Author

Michael Arditti Michael Arditti was born in Cheshire and lives in London. He is the author of three highly acclaimed novels, The Celibate, Pagan and her Parents and Easter. This is his first collection of stories. His fourth and fifth novels Unity and A Sea Change have also been published by Maia Press.

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