Launch Release

Booker Prize Chairman, Martyn Goff OBE, helped launch the Maia Press at the Groucho Club, Soho, on 19th June, the publication date of the new publishing house’s first three titles.

Martyn Goff
‘I do regard this as a tremendously important event and also tremendously exciting,’ said Goff. ‘Running the Booker for the past 32 years, the thing that the judges have commented on more than anything else over the last five to ten years is how appallingly books are edited. Now wonderfully here come these two, Maggie and Jane, and really have started publishing books which not only in themselves are first class - they really are good novels and deserve publishing - but are beautifully produced, beautifully designed, and also well-written and edited.'

‘To me, this is a very exciting beginning and I’m very hopeful about this because the arrival of good literature matters very much. This is a tremendous moment and I wish them enormous success!’

Maia Press founders Maggie Hamand and Jane Havell welcomed Martyn Goff and the authors of the first three books - Sara Maitland, Anne Redmon and Henrietta Seredy - who read brief extracts from their books.