Soldier Boy - Danny Rhodes

For Scottie and his mates its been a year of deadend jobs and killing time. With his girlfriend Mel making a go of a career, Scottie comes to a decision that will change his life forever to join the army. It will bring him more money than hes ever known, teach him skills hes never imagined, and lead him to discover things about himself hed never have believed. His job will carry him from the sink estate of his birth to a land thats foreign in every conceivable way. And it will bring him home again across thousands of miles to face the future and the past, a stranger with a secret, and ultimately lead to a confrontation with an awful, undeniable truth.

Hed run through the snow until he reached the school, smashed the window with his bare knuckles, climbed through the space and pushed two sets of lockers in front of the hole to block it. Then hed made his way upstairs to the top floor, his footsteps hollow in the empty stairwell, his breath showing in the freezing corridors, his whole body aching. He chose the classroom on the corner because it had the best arc of fire, just like theyd trained him to do, and then he slumped to the floor beneath the windows and pulled the muffler to his face. Hed come a long way, thousands of miles across land and air and sea. Hed come all that way with half a shoulder missing to find out his girlfriend didnt want to know him any more. His city didnt want to know him either. He wasnt the same person as the one whod left. It didnt take a genius to work that out.

About the Author

DANNY RHODES lives in Canterbury and teaches English in a school by the sea. He has published short stories in the UK and the US. This is his second novel.

Publication date for Soldier Boy: 12 March 2009

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