The Glorious Flight Of Perdita Tree - Olivia Fane

Perdita Tree, the bored and beautiful wife of Tory MP Nicholas Hodgekin, believes that all married women, and perhaps all women everywhere, should have a magic door through which they can walk into a different life - 'utterly, utterly different, not necessarily better, just something other.'

So when she is kidnapped in Albania, she takes it in the spirit of one huge adventure. Adored by her kidnapper, who believes all things English are perfect, she is persuaded to rescue the Albanians from their dire history, and is vain enough to imagine that she can. Together they ride across the country on horseback, singing Beatles songs and preaching freedom. The year is 1991, democracy is coming, but are the Albanians ready for it? And are they ready for Perdita?

'This book is a delight... I loved it. It is an extremely serious novel, posing as one which is simple and beguiling... it races along at a rate of knots, leaving the reader smiling, satisfied, and impressed.' - Fay Weldon

'A captivating book - original, intelligent and very entertaining.' - Isabel Wolff

'Smart, fluid prose and sophisticated thought... a thoughtful, sorrowful and highly amusing novel' - Chris Power, The Times

About the Author

Olivia Fane was born in 1960. She studied classics at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, trained as a probation officer, and worked as a psychiatric social worker. She lives with her husband and five sons in West Sussex. Her first novel, Landing on Clouds, won a Betty Trask prize and an Arts Council award, and received highly favourable reviews.

Publication date for The Glorious Flight Of Perdita Tree: June 2005

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