Oceans of Time - Merete Morken Andersen

**Shortlisted for the Oxford Weidenfeld Prize 2005**
**Longlisted for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2005**
**Nominated for the IMPAC Award 2006**

It is midsummer in Norway. A long-divorced couple, Johan and Judith, meet one another again in the wake of a family tragedy. Finally they are forced to confront what went wrong in their relationship and the effect it has had on those around them. In the extraordinary psychological drama that follows, Johan and Judith plumb the very depths of sorrow and despair, before emerging with a new understanding. This profound novel, which draws on the myth of Persephone and on Mozart’s The Magic Flute, not only deals with loss and grief, but also – transformingly – with hope, recovery, and love.
Translated from Norwegian by Barbara J. Haveland

'A beautiful book which will communicate to everyone who reads it' - Jostein Gaarder, author of Sophie's World

'Andersen [is] adept at perceiving love's intricacies as she is as parenthood's... a bravely clear-eyed study' - Chris Power, The Times

'An intensely moving novel, written in pellucid prose' - Michael Arditti, Independent

'This beautiful, translucent and wise book is difficult to put down' - VG, Norway's leading daily

'Captivating, sensitive, forceful,' - Norwegian Critics Association, Award Winner 2003

About the Author

Merete Morken Andersen Merete Morken Andersen has published poetry, a book on Ibsen and three novels. She lives with her husband and two children outside Oslo.

Publication date for Oceans of Time: 27 October 2004

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