Forms Of Devotion - Diane Schoemperlen

Eleven stories with a brilliant interplay between words and images – a creative delight, perfectly formed and rich in wit and irony. Wood engravings and line drawings, often in collage, from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries, add multi-layers of meaning with playful, sometimes surreal, and often mysterious juxtapositions. ‘She takes familiar models – the fairy tale, the murder mystery, the instruction manual – and experiments with them’ (New York Times)

‘Filled with wry humour . . . an incredible ability to capture both the mundane and the erotically charged’ - Globe and Mail, Toronto

‘Her ambitious irony and her eclectic matching of idea to form combine in a rare and often beautiful virtuosity . . . an incredibly agile writer with a wonderful ear, and a thinker with elegant, difficult ideas . . . her work is a show not to be missed’ - Boston Book Review

'Agile' - The Big Issue

About the Author

DIANE SCHOEMPERLEN has published five collections of short stories and two novels, which have won many awards in her native Canada.

Publication date for Forms of Devotion: 14th June 2006

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