Agnes & Molly - Merete Morken Andersen

The story of two friends, Agnes and Molly, and the man they both desire – Aksel, the father of two children. When Aksel’s ex-wife is taken ill, he asks a favour of Molly: would she take care of his children in her summer house? But Agnes, who is disabled, is jealous of Molly’s relationship with Aksel and his children. When Agnes comes to the summer house to help Molly, the real struggle for power begins, with the women battling for the affections of the children. This is a richly atmospheric novel about friendship, jealousy and love.

Translated by Barbara J. Haveland with the support of NORLA and Arts Council England

'With Agnes & Molly, Merete Morken Andersen has without doubt written her best, most complex and most inspiring novel' - Hamar Arbeiderblad

About the Author

MERETE MORKEN ANDERSEN has published poetry, a book on Ibsen and four novels, including Oceans of Time (Maia, 2004). She lives outside Oslo.

Publication date for Agnes & Molly: 15th April 2008

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